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Frequently Asked Questions

Studies have shown that electric toothbrushes are upto 10X more effective in removing plaque compared to a manual toothbrush. This difference is further enhanced in the case of children who don’t have the same ability to control their hand movements as adults. Since the Kidsonic brush-head applies strokes automatically, the child needs to gently glide the brush along teeth and the Kidsonic’s Sonic mechanism does all the cleaning. In addition, the two minute timer on the Kidsonic ensures that the child gets a perfectly timed experience.

The Kidsonic cleans with a combination of gentle strokes at a very high velocity (upto 36,800 strokes per minute) and does not rely on physically scrubbing teeth. The Kidsonic’s Sonic technology dissolves food particles at a microscopic level and is non-abrasive on gums and teeth.

The Kidsonic has been designed for addressing the painful transition that children aged 5-11 experience as their milk teeth fall off and are replaced with permanent teeth. Typical electric toothbrushes (especially rotary electric toothbrushes) produce a scrubbing sensation and can be harsh on exposed raw gums during this transition phase. Manual toothbrushes also are similarly painful and harsh during this period as there is no control on the pressure applied on raw areas. Due to the Kidsonic’s gentle microscopic movements, it cleans the oral cavity without the need for scrubbing or the use of pressure. The Kidsonic is therefore the best choice to reduce pain during this period in your child’s life.

The form factor and weight of Kidsonic is designed for children between the ages of 3 upto 12 years to brush independently. Parental supervision is recommenced for all children whilst using this product. Younger children might initially need support so parents must assist.

Gently rinse under a tap and apply toothpaste. Place in the mouth, turn on the power buttun and gently glide across all the teeth over a period of 2 mins – 1 min for the left and 1 min for the right sides. There will a minor pause after the first minute and the toothbrush will automatically switch off after 2 minutes. Rinse under water after use and store vertically for drying. Note: Room temperature water is recommend for use with the Kidsonic. Do not use hot water with the Kidsonic.

Due to the high velocity micro movements, the child might feel a slight tickling sensation, but it’s something they will get used to. Do ensure that they do not put undue pressure while brushing or move the brush rigorously (unlike a manual toothbrush).

The Kidsonic comes with the brush body, two brush-heads (either 3-6 or 7-11 years) and a Wireless USB charger. The Kidsonic brush body is available in either Pink or Blue colours.

There is a huge growth in the size of mouths of children as they get older. 3 year olds typically have 20 milk teeth and 12 year old’s will have approximately 28 permanent teeth. That’s why the Kidsonic comes in two brush-head sizes for children aged 3-6 years and 7-11 years. Choose the brush head based on the age of the child. Note that the same Kidsonic body can accommodate the different brush-heads.

A brush head typically lasts for 3 months if used twice a day. However, changing it is recommended if it is frayed sooner. You can purchase replacement brush-heads on the Moral Website ( Dispose of old brush-heads responsibly.

The Kidsonic comes with 3 different modes which are selectable via the Power button. These 3 modes control the speed of strokes. The first setting is the softest and the third setting is the most powerful. Select the settings based on the comfort of the child, however it is recommended that younger children (between 3-4 years) should not use the highest setting.

The Kidsonic comes with a wireless charger that seamlessly charges the Kidsonic without any physical cables or plugs. However, the wireless charger needs to be plugged into any USB port for the charging process. When used twice a day for 2 minutes, the Kidsonic will typically need charging once a month for 8-10 hours.

The Kidsonic is IPX7 rated for water resistance and suitable for use under your bathroom tap at room temperature water. However please do not swim or immerse the Kidsonic in deep water.

The Kidsonic has been designed to withstand typical conditions of bathroom use. However, it can be damaged by hitting or dropping on hard surfaces. If damaged, please do not use your Kidsonic. Please contact our customer service at or call us on +91 9811881232 (10am to 5pm Monday to Friday). Please check other Policies on for more information.

We offer a One year warranty on the Kidsonic body and charger. However, due to the hygenic nature of our products, all our products are non-exchangeable and non-returnable. Only products damaged while shipping or defective products shall be replaced. Please check other Policies on for more information.