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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Replacement Brush Heads For Stealth Electric Toothbrush
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Replacement Brush Heads For Stealth Electric Toothbrush
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Replacement Brush Heads For Stealth Electric Toothbrush

Replacement Brush Heads For Stealth Electric Toothbrush

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Brush-heads for use with the Stealth toothbrush. Uses gentle DuPont bristles that are designed for everyday use. Replace brush-heads every 3 months or when frayed.

In the box: 2 x brush-heads


  • Soft Gentle Bristles: Designed for intense cleaning without damaging tooth enamel or gums

  • Built In 2 Min Timer: Encourages you to achieve the dentist-recommended brushing time.

  • Easy USB charging: Enjoy 30 days of brushing on a single charge

  • 5 Brushing Modes: Allows you to customise brushing actions for specific oral hygiene needs or moods of the day.

  • Clean: An everyday cleaning mode that's thorough and gentle. The best two minutes of your morning!

  • Sensitive: Soft setting for sensitive areas and elderly people.

  • Whitening: Bring a sparkle to your smile before the night out. Give your teeth a polish!

  • Pulse: Pulses that stimulate teeth and gums and improve blood circulation.

  • Massage: Spa for your mouth! Gift your teeth and gums a massage. Perfect to wind downbefore bedtime.

  • 3- level Intensity: Intensity selection that allows the user to set the speed of sonic movement as per their comfort

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Eshan Joseph

Replacement Brushes For Stealth Adults Sonic

Frequently Asked Questions

Studies have shown that electric toothbrushes are upto 10X more effective in removing plaque compared to a manual toothbrush. Since the Stealth brush-head applies strokes automatically, you need to only gently glide the brush along your teeth and the Stealth’s Sonic mechanism does all the cleaning. In addition, the two minute timer on the Stealth ensures that you gets a perfectly timed experience.

The Stealth cleans with a combination of gentle strokes at a very high velocity (upto 36K strokes per minute!) and does not rely on physically scrubbing teeth. The Stealth’s Sonic technology dissolves food particles at a microscopic level and is non-abrasive on gums and teeth.

The Stealth is a complete tooth-brushing solution for adults and children above 13 years. It is also recommended for use for specially abled individuals who may need special attention to maintain dental hygiene.

Wet the bristles with water. Do not use hot water.

Apply a small amount of toothpaste as you would with a manual toothbrush.

Press the “On/Off” button to turn on the device. Press the “Intensity” button until the desired intensity is reached. “Intensity” increases the speed of the brush-head movements and is indicated by the 3 vertical LEDs.

Press the “On/Off” button until desired brushing mode is selected. See instruction manual for an explanation on modes.

Place the brush head on your teeth and gently guide your Stealth across the 4 quadrants of your mouth for 30 seconds each, for a total of 2 minutes. Ensure that you are gliding slowly and lightly across your teeth without applying any pressure. As the Sonic movements of the Stealth do all the cleaning, there is no need to scrub manually. The Stealth’s Intelligent Pause mode will automatically pause for a split-second after each 30-second interval, indicating that you need to change quadrants.

At the end of the recommended 2 minute brushing cycle, the Stealth will automatically turn off. If you wish to continue brushing, you can turn the Stealth “On” once again.

After use, rinse off the bristles with water as you would with a manual toothbrush. Wipe down the device and store in a dry and safe place.

Due to the high velocity micro movements, you might feel a slight tickling sensation. This is perfectly normal and with time you will get used to it. Do try to not put undue pressure while brushing or move the brush rigorously as you would with a manual toothbrush.

The Stealth comes with the brush body, one brush-head and a USB wire for charging.

A brush head typically lasts for 3 months if used twice a day. However, changing it is recommended if it is frayed sooner. You can purchase replacement brush-heads on the Moral Website ( Dispose of old brush-heads responsibly.

The 5 Brushing modes allow customized brushing actions for different periods of the day or specific oral hygiene needs. Please refer to the instruction manual for a detailed explanation of each mode.

Charge your Stealth by plugging in the included Type-C USB cable into the rear port on the device. To do so, flip open the rubber cap on the underside of the device. The other end of the cable can be plugged into any Type-A USB socket that can be found on a Mobile charger or laptop.

It is recommended to charge the device for around 8 hours every 30 days. Charge earlier if the charge icon glows red. While charging the charge icon will pulsate in red.

Charging should be done in a dry environment. Please ensure that the rubber cap is closed tightly after charging.

The Stealth is IPX7 rated for water resistance and suitable for use under your bathroom tap at room temperature water. However please do not swim with or immerse the Stealth in deep water.

The Stealth has been designed to withstand typical conditions of bathroom use. However, it can get damaged by hitting it or dropping it on hard surfaces. If damaged, please do not use it. Please contact our customer service at or call us on +91 9811881232 (10am to 5pm Monday to Friday). Please check other Policies on for more information.

We offer a One year warranty on the Stealth body and charger wire. However, due to the hygenic nature of our products, all our products are non-exchangeable and non-returnable. Only products damaged while shipping or defective products shall be replaced. Please check other Policies on for more information.